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The Gabar Story.

Gabar is built on the very premise that every single person on this Earth comes with a specific mission. From the people we meet to the challenges we face and the situations that come before us: we all have and develop a unique set of skills, interests and traits that make us the dynamic beings that we are.

At Gabar, we help tap into that dynamic "self" by offering tools and rituals to help access the present and push for self-expansion, awareness & expression to re-discover who it is that we really are. Join us in our efforts to build a more creative and inspired world -- a new Gabar ("world" in Burmese). We're so glad you've found us.

A London brand, rooted in Southeast Asia but made for the world.

While our roots are in Myanmar (Southeast Asia) and we call London our current home, our mindset and inspiration will always remain global. We love the idea of bringing together our deep & diverse cultural experiences to create a brand unlike any other, that captures the imaginations of those across the world.

Not afraid to push boundaries.

We began as a movement, off the back of activists & changemakers who were sacrificing their lives to fight for something new. Our brand takes this fighter spirit and applies it to what we do -- pushing boundaries in all ways we can: whether aesthetic, in scent, with our values, or in the ways in which a brand can have real impact. We constantly look to new ways of doing & being.

Made for all kind.

Free expression is at the very heart of everything we do. We believe wholeheartedly in self-freedom, fluidity, and being unafraid to show all of the conflicting & dynamic sides of who we are. In this sense, we are a brand that is committed to building for kinds of individuals.

Conscious in every choice.

From our packaging to bottle design to material choices, every action we take is a conscious one: one committed to creating the least harm, and overturning old, archaic, wasteful & unnecessary structures and paradigms. We eschew excess, and aim to do everything with the least fuss, while still keeping room open for creativity and expression. You'll find this bold simplicity & commitment to un-doing old systems across our brand.