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About Gabar

We’re rooted in Myanmar & made for the world—creating objects and rituals to nurture the next generation of changemakers and creators.

We built Gabar on the very premise that every single person on this earth comes with a specific mission. The things they are good at, the places and people and objects they naturally gravitate towards, and the specific challenges they have faced and continue to face. The raw, wondrous dimensions that make up a person’s unique and dynamic self.

Our three fragrances were made to inspire quiet and true, conscious presence— to express yourself without judgement, and to connect, play, and create without boundaries.

Gabar is a movement, a cause, and most importantly, an opportunity to ignite a new generation of changemakers.

We’re glad you’ve found us.

Rooted in Myanmar, made for the world.

Our origins are rooted in Myanmar, and our brand was born from its rich history. And while we are holistically inspired by our Southeast Asian heritage, we are also global-minded; because we know our roots, our ground, we are able to look outwards and upwards to share it with the world.

Never afraid to push the boundaries.

We began as a movement, inspired by a place that was shifting and changing before our very eyes. Inspired by creators & fighters, and those who devote their lives to make positive change, our brand is committed to pushing boundaries, big and small, in everything we do.

Made for all kind.

Expression is at the heart of everything we believe. We stand for fluidity, self-freedom, and embracing every side of yourself — an ethos we carry throughout every touchpoint.

Conscious in every choice.

From our packaging to bottle design to material choices, every action we take is a conscious one: one committed to supporting our earth and its resources, as well as our resources as individuals: our inner energies, our mindfulness, and our practice of being our truest, most authentic selves.