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NEW Urban Fragrance Collection

04 (NOLITA) Rise & 05 (LUDLOW) Lull

Gabar is built on the very premise that every single person on this Earth comes with a specific mission.

At Gabar, we help tap into your dynamic "self" by offering tools and rituals to help access the present and push for moments of self-expansion, awareness & expression to re-discover who it is that we really are. Join us in creating a more creative and inspired world -- a new Gabar ("world" in Burmese).

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Our Scented Oil Collection

Gabar's scented beauty collection was created with luxe, at-home moments in mind. Vegan & natural (for all genders), our face and body oils feature rare and powerful Southeast Asian ingredients like Lotus and Orchid extracts to smooth and plump the skin. Created in collaboration with a South Asian beauty duo versed in Ayurvedic formulations, Gabar's new (TOUCH) collection expands on the idea that true, glowing beauty comes from the inside first.

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