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(TOUCH) All Sides of Me.

Gabar (Touch) Face & Body Oil

Our Latest Collection

Gabar's latest beauty collection was crafted with at-home ritual moments in mind. All vegan and all natural for all genders, our face and body oils harness the power of Southeast Asian botanicals to build a soothing and luxurious addition to any skincare regimen. The lotus flower in Myanmar heritage symbolizes beauty, rebirth and resilience. Its symbolic power is widely recognized in Buddhist lore. Orchids, too, are found widely across Southeast Asia. Both the lotus and orchid's moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties make for a replenishing and rejuvenating mixture, that leaves the skin refreshed, glowing and supple. Created in collaboration with a South Asian beauty team versed in Ayurvedic formulations, Gabar's new (TOUCH) collection espouses the idea that beauty comes from the inside first. Both our face and body oils are intended to help individuals tap into the present and take a moment for themselves.

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Gabar is built on the very premise that every single person on this Earth comes with a specific mission. From the people we meet to the challenges we face and the situations that come before us: we all have and develop a unique set of skills, interests and traits that make us the dynamic beings that we are.

At Gabar, we help tap into that dynamic "self" by offering tools and rituals to help us access the present and nurture moments of calm, quiet and contemplation to re-discover who it is that we really are. Join us in our efforts to build a more conscious, creative and inspired world -- a new Gabar ("world" in Burmese). We're so glad you've found us.

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